What do you need?

1. Be working for at least 1 year and if self-employed 2 years.

2. Be in a permanent job (banks will be lenient towards some professions i.e. IT contractors).

3. Deposit of 10% – to be made up of savings, gifts, the “help to buy” scheme etc.

4. Proven repayment capacity i.e. evidence from your bank accounts that you can repay the loan – this can be shown as rent, savings or a loan that will be cleared.

5. Clean financial history – no missed payments on previous loans.

6. Good bank statements – no referral fees, unpaid direct debits and no online gambling payments – the odd one can be explained so don’t let this put you off but highlight it with your broker.

Then what?
  • Once mortgage approved
  • Search for property
  • Bid on properties you like
  • If you are the highest bid and it is accepted you go “sale agreed”
  • Pay booking deposit (fully refundable) to Estate Agent
  • Get structural survey (not a bank requirement, but recommended)
  • Appoint solicitor
  • Contracts transferred between solicitors
  • Get bank valuation
  • Agree rate (and bank) and term with Broker
  • Loan offer and loan pack issues to solicitor
  • Put in place life policy (mortgage protection) and home insurance
  • Sign legal contracts
  • Pay remainder of funds
  • Get keys!

WARNING: Please note rates may increase over time and with that your monthly repayments

WARNING: If you do not keep up your repayments you may lose your home

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